The Corn Maze Brochure is no longer available.
Please call 860-564-0248 for Maze information!


Corn Maze FAQ

Where do I park for the Corn Maze?
Our Corn Maze is just North of our store on Ekonk Hill Road. The parking entrance is directly across the street from our Giant Corn Maze sign. (Please to not park in the store lot as parking is limited there, thank you!)

What is included in the admission?
Unlimited access to our giant corn maze, wagon rides, barnyard animals, & more!

Do I have to pay admission even if I do not want to go into the maze?
Yes, the admission is all inclusive.

What form of payment do you take?
We accept Cash & Credit cards at the Corn Maze booth.

What should I wear to the Corn Maze?
Guests should wear weather appropriate clothes and good walking shoes. Remember you are on a farm walking through a corn field where the ground can be uneven and possibly muddy. Also remember to bring a hat or sunscreen on sunny days and some bug spray.

Do you close for rain?
The maze is an outdoor activity and is subject to the weather. A little rain is okay, but if it gets too wet or stormy we have to close. Please check our Facebook page or call for updates.

How long does it take to go through the maze?
This depends, most people spend 45 minutes to 1.5 hour of getting lost, but you could be in there all day! We do have corn cops to help you if you are completely lost.

Do you have wagon rides?
Yes, wagon rides are included in the corn maze admission; they run every hour from 11:30am – 5:30pm.

Do you have a flashlight maze?
Yes, we have nighttime mazes. Flashlights are required, please visit for hours & dates. (It is not haunted, just dark!)

Do you have a Pumpkin Patch?
We have pumpkins available, but no patch to pick them from. Pumpkins are individually priced and not included in corn maze admission. They are available at our farm store as well as in our corn maze area.

Is there food available?
We have drinks and snacks available at our corn maze booth, as well as much more, like ice cream & sandwiches at our farm store right next door.

Can I bring my pet?
We love animals, but unfortunately we do not allow pets at the maze.

Is the maze wheelchair and stroller accessible?
Yes, you can bring wheelchairs and strollers through the maze, but the ground can to be uneven, bumpy, & even muddy in places, so use caution.

What happens to the corn once the maze is over?
The corn is harvested once the corn is dried using a machine called a combine; which takes the kernels off the cob. It is very important when in the maze not to damage the corn stalks or take ears of corn because the maze is a crop that will be harvested; and the kernels are used in poultry & livestock feeds.

There is No Smoking in our Corn Maze Area.

DESTRUCTION/MISCONDUCT POLICY: We have a zero tolerance destruction policy. Rules are posted at entrance to the Corn Maze. If anyone is witnessed, by staff or other attendees, as being destructive, inappropriate, or breaking the rules they will be asked to leave immediately.

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